Thursday, January 26, 2012


These are a couple of trailers that I thought were really well done and in the case of the Jaws Disney movie one, pretty hilarious.

This first one uses the audio from the trailer for the new G.I. Joe movie and clips from My Little Pony.

This one I particularly enjoyed, even though its silly, in general I think it's a cool when through creative editing you can change the whole tone and concept of a movie. 

And this one was JUST posted in my subscription box so I'm adding it now. I think this is a cool blending of Disney's the Little Mermaid, with Doctor Who clips. It's not perfect but it's still really well edited I think.

Hope you enjoy! 


  1. Okay - which of these are my favorite... hmmmmm... nope! can't choose one, sorry! They are all great the Jaws turned Shark Song gave me chills though, 'cause alas, I could see it happening - lol! Thanks for the links.

    1. That shark popping it's head up out of the water going, "Lalalalalaaaaa" gives me such a giggle fit it's ridiculous.