Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's this world coming to?

So, I'm still a little spaced out so this is going to be fairly brief, but I just want to ask: What's this world coming to when this...

...is consider sane and even fashionable and its wearer worthy of admiration and awards, but a dual lightsabers wielding man who managed to successfully deflect a police tazer is being said to need "mental health treatment?"

Oh but this isn't insanity her fans would argue, this is creativity, an expression of her free-spirit. Yeah well, deflecting tazers with a pair of lightsabers isn't insanity either, it's skill!  (Especially considering the off-hand penalty.)


  1. I totally agree. I especially like your reference to the "off-hand penalty" - that's gamer think for sure. Never heard of this dual-lightsaber-wielding, tazer-deflecting Jedi before.

    1. Heh yes, I love to think of real life in terms of stats and such. I'll go ahead and add the link to the news story I was referencing.